Under sail the 3 blades are free to “weathervane” individually to the local water flow and not just feather in a fixed pattern aligned with the shaft. This patented feature really minimises drag and so further increases boat speed. Our blades are of 50% glass reinforced hi-tech Zytel™, an extremely tough space age material, highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and to repeated impact.

Hub castings are Stainless Steel 316, Nose cones in Glass filled Polypropeline. Pitch is easily adjusted externally and lubrication is also handled externally, so maintenance is simple.

The large area blades provide outstanding motoring capability, a real boon when punching through adverse conditions. There is instant full pitch in reverse and so stopping, berthing and reversing are simple, with minimal “prop walk” on most installations.

Type   3 blades feathering. Left or right hand rotation
Diameter 14.50″ to 19.50” and all sizes in between
Pitch Range Degrees 18°-23°. Reverse always ~24°
Castings Stainless Steel 316
Blades Dupont Zytel™ Black.50% glass reinforced
Nose Cone Glass filled Polypropeline
Spring & Cap Screws Stainless Steel 316
Blade Retaining Pins Titanium
Shaft Diameters 1”, 1.125”, 1.250”, 25+30mm or SAE 16/32 Spline for Saildrives
Shaft Taper Shaft Taper  SAE 1:16” ISO 1:10 + UK Specs + Machined specially
Shaft Nut Thread SAE = BSW ¾” or 7/8”. ISO = M16 or M20. S/Drive M16 or M20 or as required
Keyway SAE ¼” or 5/16”. ISO 6×6 or 8x7mm. Special sizes to order.
Maximum Power up to 56 HP
Weight 3.5kg approx.